Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Six Wives of Henry LeFay...................A Comedy

The Six Wives of Henry LeFay

And so we embark on the hardest genre for me and the one which I am likely to provoke the most wrath. I love to laugh but I have a low tolerance for stupid.  I had high hopes for this one cause Tim Allen used to make me laugh on Home Improvement, I like him as Buzz, and I even liked the first couple Santa Clause movies.  What's her name, the Scientology chick, used to make me laugh on Dharma and Greg.  And I loved the movies Green Card, Groundhog's Day,  and Four Wedding and a Funeral, so even though Andie MacDowell is quite possibly the worst actress to continue to find work, she picks good material.  So, when I had the flu and I needed a pick me up, I sat down to enjoy.  I am not sure I ever reached enjoy.  The best I can give it is amused.

Henry is a rich ladies man who should thank is lucky stars for the rich part cause I can't see any other reason he would be the chick magnet he is portrayed to be.  He is involved in an accident in Mexico and  the news is sent home that he is dead. Chaos ensues.

Things you need to know before viewing

1) Andie MacDowell is still very attractive but her acting is unimproved.

2) If you have a low schmuck tolerance, this is not the film for you.

3) If you are a super huge fan of one of the actors, give it a shot.  I mean I sat through the whole thing without turning it off.  If I had had a crush on (fill in the actor/actress name) when I was 15 I might have enjoyed it.

What about the kids?

Just say no.  These are crazy people with no scruples.

Currently available on Netflix Instant Viewing and on DVD and Blue-ray

Two Stars- "Didn't Like It"

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