Thursday, February 17, 2011

Better Off Ted................Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Better Off Ted

Two seasons of hysterical, laugh out loud, goodness.  This is the funniest television show since EVER.  When the family and I watch it, we sometimes have to pause and rewind to hear because we are laughing so hard. We even laugh that hard on second viewings!

Ted is middle management in the research and development department of a company called Veridian Dynamics.  Veridian Dynamics is the epitome of all that is wrong in corporate America.  Linda is the employee/love interest, Veronica is the maniacal boss,  and the team of Lem and Phil are the scientists.  These five are a tremendous ensemble that will keep you in stitches and leave you wanting more.

The real star of this series though, is the dialog.  Snappy, witty, and fresh, I don't remember it letting me down a single time.  I am going to try to give you an example but if you don't like it blame me, not the show.  "Oh, God, we have unhappy Germans. Nothing good has ever come from that."  Ta Da!!!!  Funny, right?

Things you need to know before viewing

1) When it is driving you absolutely mad trying to figure out who the actress that plays Veronica is........the answer is Portia de Rossi.  She is Ellen DeGeneres's partner.

2) The biggest surprise of all here is that the series didn't last longer. When you get to the last episode, you will be sad.

What about the kids?

I'm gonna have to go with iffy on that one.  I let my kids watch but there were times I regretted it.  As the series went on, it got more and more sexual.  I guess my advice would be to preview for yourself and see what you think.

Currently Available on Netflix Instant Viewing and on DVD 

5 Stars- "Love It"


  1. Oh, gosh! What a great review! Now I really want to watch it!

    Is it on Netflix?

    We don't have cable, so much. Just the most BASIC cable.

  2. Susan- it is on Netflix Instant Viewing. It was late last night and I accidentally left off that part of my review. Thanks for point that out. I fixed it.

  3. I keep meaning to watch this. All my friends who are funny say it's great.

  4. I think I know what series Glen and I will watch next as he recuperates. Thanks!

  5. I fell in love with the sharp, and FAST, wit of that show. What is wrong with the American viewer that such a smart, funny show can be cancelled after two seasons?