Monday, February 14, 2011

Penelope..................A Valentine Offering


Since today it Valentine's Day, I give to you Penelope.  A movie that makes my heart swoon.  A modern (ish) day Fairytale, this movie introduces us to Penelope, a girl born to a wealthy couple with a curse. Their first born daughter is born with a pig nose.  To break the curse she must marry a blue blood and so the quest begins.

The cast is stellar and includes Christina Ricci (of whom I am generally not a fan but I like here), Catherine O'Hara (in her neurotic glory), Reese Witherspoon (big name slightly more than cameo), and James McAvoy (be still my heart).  Penelope is touching, witty, and laugh out loud funny in a few part.

Things you need to know before viewing

1) This ain't rocket science folks.  Don't be looking for deep.  Just enjoy.

2) For my friends with OCD tendencies that can't stand inconsistencies in film, be warned.  There is plenty here to drive you mad.  I never notice stuff like that and I noticed on this one.

3)When you get to the scene pictured to the right, hold on to your hat.  It makes me go all gooshy inside.

What about the kids?

Nothing to worry about here.  All of my kids have seen and loved it.  It does lean chick flick though so teen boys may roll their eyes.

Currently available on disc through Netflix and on DVD

Five Stars- "Love it"

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  1. Penelope is a perfect choice for a Valentine's Day movie!