Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Parking Lot Movie..............Seriously

The Parking Lot Movie

Remember all those guys in school that were super smart?  You know the ones that talked about philosophy, economics, and politics and were no stranger to the worlds of Dungeons and Dragons. The ones that were (and I'm just going to say it) weird.   Maybe you were one of these people.  (Shout out to my brother on that one.)

Now imagine there was a place of employment that seemed to collect these kinds of employees.  That place, is this movie.  The Parking Lot Movie focuses on a pay to park lot near UVA in Charlottesville Virginia.   I know, it sounds dull.

But is isn't!  My husband came home from work and said his office mate had just seen this great film and he wanted us to watch it.  Dh will admit that of the two of us, I am the better movie picker but since it came from Tristan, I said I'd try it.

Well it turns out this film is witty, interesting, funny, and fascinating.  It's a world I never would have considered on the one hand and all too familiar on the other.  These folks are serious about parking cars.  I never would have guessed the intensity of emotion over a car driving away with out paying.  But it brought back all kinds of memories of my own forays into jobs in the service industry.

My husband says that next time we go to Charlottesville, we are going to park there and tip the guy $10.

Things to know before viewing

1) It will make you think about child rearing.

2) Easy to watch while folding laundry because close attention is not required.

What about the kids?

The PG-13 is earned by swearing, drunkenness, and violence.  Violence is not of the normal sort but throwing rocks at cars kind of thing.  I wouldn't have a problem with younger kids viewing it but they probably wouldn't be interested anyway.

Currently available on Netflix Instant Viewing and on DVD

Four Stars- "Really Liked It"

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