Friday, February 11, 2011

My Name Is Khan............................and I am not a terrorist.

My Name Is Khan

Friends, I almost hate to be effusive on my first review, but what must be, must be.  It would be hard for me to find enough good words in the dictionary to express how much I liked this. At the same time it is hard for me to describe the story cause it is.........well................Forrest Gump meets Bollywood meets 9/11.   All that is good and bad about humanity is on display here and really, that is the point.

Shahrukh Khan as Rizvan and Kajol as Mandira will be well known faces to those of us who love Indian films. When it started I thought "Oh yeah, I know these guys.  I've seen them in a zillion things" but in true American style, I had to go look up their names for this post cause their names don't exact trip off my English only speaking tongue.  None of that takes away from their greatness though, cause even with the language barrier, the performances here shine.

Things you need to know before viewing

1) Subtitles my friend. There are English parts too but there is plenty of reading to keep up with.

2) There are some cheesy parts.  Particularly some of the stuff in English.  I could be wrong here, but I am guessing English was not the first language of the writers.  It works fine when the Indians said it but sometimes when the white guys were talking it was....well.........a little less than natural.

3) The main character has Aspergers Syndrome. I know this is hard to watch for some, so I wanted to give you a heads up.

4) You're gonna need Kleenex.

What about the kids?

There is some violence, so it probably deserves the PG-13 but it sure has some interesting things to say about bigotry.  If your kids are not the nightmare type, it is a good discussion piece.

Currently available on Netflix Instant Viewing and on DVD

Five Stars- "Loved It"


  1. Thanks, Kel!
    Thrilled to have read your 1st update.

  2. Thanks for reading it. I have edited out the stupid errors. Or at least most of them. That will teach me to hit publish so fast. LOL

  3. Adding it to my instant queue. Thanks~!

  4. Just finished watching this movie. It was EXCELLENT. Thank you for starting this blog.

  5. Just finished it. That's a long movie! :) I loved the lessons in perseverance, commitment, family, etc. Good flick!