Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Dog Skip............................A Dog Tail

My Dog Skip

I remember when this movie came out it got a whole lot of good review and I always intended to watch it but somehow never did.  Perhaps a part of that is that it is just within the last year or so that my kids will consider a movie that is not a cartoon.  I consider this a great milestone.  LOL

I found this film to be a odd little film.  It didn't really seem to go anywhere and at the same time was a little formulaic.  WWII era boy has no friends, save an older next door neighbor who is going off to war.  Since he is lonely, his mother gets him a dog over his father's objections.  The dog does indeed, become the best friend.

What to do before viewing

1) Huge cast.  Diane Lane.  Kevin Bacon. Luke Wilson.

2) I appear to be losing my mind.  I told my kids I didn't understand the toilet on the poster.  They looked at me like I was crazy then told me there was a big scene with a toilet and that it had become a running gag throughout the film.  I have absolutely no recollection of this.  Perhaps I wasn't paying that much attention?  I have no answer for that.  I thought I was watching.  It is scaring me a little actually.

3) My kids and husband liked this one better than I did.

4) Based on a true story.  I didn't know this until the end.

What about the kids?

We watched it for family night.  Here is what the experts say.

Currently available on Netflix Instant Viewing and here.

Three Stars- "I Liked It" - truthfully I would probably give it two but the rest of my family would probably give it a four so I am splitting the difference since I might have been having a bad night.

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