Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Zombies - Guest Post at Not A Supermom

Nota and I have been good friend for about a decade now!  When I was six months pregnant and I fell and broke my ankle, Nota came and cleaned my toilets.  So no matter what she my try to say to the contrary, she is a super friend.  

Anyhoo, she asked me to write an entry for her and you can find posted there now.   It is appropriately titled Attack of the Laundry Zombies.

Be sure to check back here because in the next day or  two, Nota should be making her own guest appearance. Happy reading.



  1. I don't remember the toilets, but I remember the laundry.

    For some reason, it's fun to do someone else's laundry!

  2. Nota- there is always plenty of that around here!

  3. For your next flick:Texas Chainsaw Laundromat Massacre.

    Sounds scary, huh?

  4. Hey do I now know who Nota is? I wondered.

    And also why is your blog offering me immodium, does it know something I don't about my future?

  5. Tabitha- it looks like you know. I didn't know for a long time too.

    I have never seen an immodium ad here. Maybe it is prophetic but for your sake, I hope not.