Thursday, March 3, 2011

Everlasting Moments..............Art

Everlasting Moment

Gasp.  The cinematography is stunning.  If I were going on that alone, this would be 5 Stars all the way.   It is not often that I finish a film and my first thought is, "Whoa, that was beautiful."  I suppose that is fitting as the movie is about a photographer.

As for plot, well, this is a slow mover.  But I won't let that bother me if you don't let it bother you.  Maria, a woman around the turn of the century, finds herself trapped in a bad marriage and holds onto her sanity by clinging to her camera.

Maria Heiskanen, who plays the main character amazed me with her skill.  She was Emma Thompson good (the highest praise I know how to give).   What she could convey in a simple look transcended the fact that was having to read her words..  Her face is striking and yet just like a lady you would see in Walmart.  I think I may go search for more films she is in, if I find them, you will know about them soon too.  (cue the nervous giggle)

What to know before viewing

1) It's just flat out kind of hard to take at times.  You really like Maria and watching her husband be a louse to her over and over again is hard to bear.

2) I am adding the picture on the right even though it is really about the filming of the movie rather than the movie itself. It captures something I like even though I can't really express it well in words.  I am assuming the man pointing is the director, Jan Troell but I don't think he looks anything like a Troll.  (forgive me)

3) I think this is based on a true story but they did not translate the words right before the credits and my Swedish is rusty.  (roll eyes)

4) Did I mention that this is a stunning film visually?

What about the kids?

NO!  There was one scene that I wondered how the parents of the child actors could have let their little children do.  This one is for grown-ups.

Currently available on Netflix Instant Viewing and here

4 Stars- "Really Liked It"


  1. Kelly - I'd really like to see this film, and really think it's something that my just adult photographer daughters would enjoy. That said, they would be disturbed by children being abused in some way, especially sexually. Is the scene easily fast forwarded through? Is there any lead up clues?

  2. Margaret- It is more that the mother is abused while the children listen/watch. It is sort of a recurring theme of the movie and would be hard to skip.

  3. Thanks Kelly. I think I'll watch it and then decide whether to watch it with them.