Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Just Cause It Made Me Laugh

Hey folks.  I have been re-watching Star Trek the Next Generation and loving it all over again. So that is my recommend for the month.

And just so you know what a silly little fan girl I am I am posting this picture cause it made me laugh.  I found it cause I wanted a picture of Picard with a Santa hat for an avatar.   Alas none of those could be found but this little gem did pop up.  Be sure to check out Worf in the back.

Oh, and if any of you have mad skills and could make me a Picard with a Santa hat, I would love you forever.  Bonus love is Dr. Crusher is in the picture too.


  1. Carrie- LOL! I hadn't thought of that but YES!

  2. I love that picture!!! They even look like the hats might be itchy. hee hee

  3. Robin! I had not thought of that but you are right.