Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Cosby Show.......................Fun in the Summer Sun

The Cosby Show
E for Everyone

Okay, so maybe that should really read fun out of the summer sun.  It has been so blasted hot that I have been trying to find inside things for my kids to do that do not involve me.  Then I saw this on Netfilx Instant Viewing.  "Ya'll will probably like this."  were my words of wisdom as pressed play and began to exit the room.  Only I didn't exit the room.  As soon as the theme song came on, my foot was stuck in the door.  Here, I will link it for you.  If you are of an age where you grew up watching this show, take a deep breath and let the memories flood you.  It is like finding a letter from an old friend in the bottom of a drawer.

 Folks, if you have not already done so, you HAVE to watch this with your family.  We have been laughing hysterically for days now.  My husband asks for it when he comes home from work.  It has also opened the door for me to tell the kids things about myself that I had forgotten.  Stuff that this show triggered memories of.  "You know know when I went to my first year of college, this show was so popular that everything stopped when it came one.  Whole dorms would crowd in the TV room to see it."
I am about the same age as Denise so it was a little strange realizing that, though I am neither a doctor or a lawyer, I actually have more in common with Mr and Mrs Huxtable now than with the kids. But that only added to the fun. This kind of humor doesn't get old.  Sure there is a line or two that only I got ("Nobody who isn't on stage singing with his four brothers needs a $90 shirt") but they are few and far between.

One good surprise was that Malcom Jamal Warner was way funnier than I remember.  It was also kind of nice to look up his bio and find out that he is a child star that seems have escaped the perils of being one.  Makes me want to go look up his more recent work.

Another fun surprise was how much of the supporting cast I remember.  This little fellow walked in the door with Rudy and I yelled "Oh!  Peter!"  I pulled that name out of the dark recesses of my brain.  He then rewarded me by providing me with one of the biggest laughs I have had in a long time.

Does it hold up


BWHAHAHAHAHA!  Of course it does.  Get thee to the TV and watch some Cosby!

Here is something to wet your appetite.


  1. My kids are enjoying this, this summer.

  2. I introduced my kids to Cosby last year and we've watched all nine seasons. Love, love the Cosby Show. :)


  3. We found a DVD in a $1 bin somewhere and my kids love it! We're thinking of getting Netflix. If we do, I know Cosby will be one of the first things we watch.

  4. Not to sound too much like an ad or anything (insert rolled eyes) but you can get the online version of Netflix for about $8 a month. I think it is a bargain.